Gran Lungo

There are many different ways of enjoying coffee. Luckily, there are also multiple brewing elements that can make a world of difference in the flavor and taste of one’s cup .

Gran LungoTwo essential ingredients for making coffee include water and ground beans (coffee). By changing up how much water is used when preparing your beverage , you can make three or more variations with only two components.

A Gran Lungo is a traditional order that can easily be made with an espresso machine. It uses roughly the same amount of ground coffee used for a single shot of espresso, but it is brewed by letting the water run through these grounds for up to twice as long as you usually would. This makes for a bigger drink in size, with flavor profile quite separate from regular one.

What is a “Gran Lungo”?

Nespresso’s Gran Lungo is a reaction to the demand for a Lungo alternative. This is about twice the size of a conventional Lungo, which weighs 3 ounces, and a Gran Lungo weighs just over 5 ounces.

Why wouldn’t Nespresso just make a Lungo size, you may wonder? The solution may be found in Americano coffee’s history.

Pour-over coffee has long been a favourite in America, as it is more watery and mild than espresso or even Lungo. We used to prefer a large cup of coffee to a smaller but more delicious one.

According to legend, troops stationed in Italy during WWII began socialising with the locals. When it came to coffee, the Italians immediately discovered that they couldn’t take a Lungo, let alone a normal espresso. So they came up with the notion of pouring hot water into a shot of espresso, which was a huge hit with the Americans.

The concept caught on, and the Italians used the term “Americano” to describe this style of coffee.

Other VertuoLine Sizes

VertuoLine is a brand-new, ground-breaking capsule coffee delivery system. Instead of a single standard size, these capsules come in a variety of sizes to offer a variety of coffees in terms of taste and volume.

The single espresso and double espresso were the first five sizes available, at 1.35 ounces and 2.7 ounces, respectively.
Then there’s the Gran Lungo, which weighs in at 5.07 ounces and is the focus of this storey.

Finally, there’s the Coffee size, which comes in at 7.77 ounces, and the Alto, which comes in at 14 ounces.

The Carafe capsule, also known as a pour-over type capsule, allows you to brew 18 ounces of coffee in one go into a carafe. For a single-serve coffee machine, that’s a lot of coffee!

So, as you can see, a Lungo is still too much for most Americans’ palates. Instead, the Gran Lungo masterfully navigates the line between the Lungo and the Americano, producing a coffee that anybody can appreciate.

Gran Lungo is compatible with any VertuoLine Nespresso machine.

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